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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Few grams from the gold mine - part II.

Part I is available here - http://film4thwall.blogspot.com/2009/05/few-grams-from-gold-mine.html

Disclaimer : Do you have the in-depth knowledge of raaga, scales, kamagam, sangathi, melakartha raagam, misra chapu thaalam [ appdinnaa ?! - 7 beat rhythm cycle] ? If you don't have, don't worry - IRs music requires just 2 ears and a slight interest in songs.

* 2 more songs on counterpoint technique are "poonthaliraada" from panneer pushpangall and "Edho Moham" from kozhi koovuthu [ the first interlude has the notes from Santoor ] This song needs a separate post.

* A song transforms from carnatic music and then suddenly changes to western music without any change in the tune or voices. The song is 'Oh Vasantha raja' from Neengall kettavai.

* There's a reverse song which changes from western to a folk/percussion based, from the middle to the end without any disruption and of course we can hear 2 different songs within one. "Raajathi Rajaa un thandirangall" from Mannan.

* Ever tried looking at 'Raja Rajanintha raja' from Agni Natchathiram -it's fully based on percussion [ drums n chorus mostly ] and without the usual flutes/violins/any other regular instruments.

There's no rule that after gathering 10 intersting points I should post a blog [ 10 points kedaikalainnu sollu ha..ha.. ]. How's the photo of IR given above ?

* Thanks to KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM radio show !




  1. you could have written some more, looks like you have stopped abruptly.
    Photo is looking great.

  2. Thanks Krishna for the comments. I thought better not to dump too many points in a single blog. [ also because of the increased price of gold ;) ].

  3. Rangaraj/R.Sundar Rajan/Bharathi Raja/Balu Mahendra/Sridar/Balachander/Mani Ratnam/Mahendran/Mani vannan/Rajshekar and a few directors were lucky to get the best music created by IR.

    any info /trivia on 'Anandhak kummi' and a few other films which failed miserably despite some of the best music he had created ever.

    I liked IR's music in Sridhar's films-apart from 'Thendrale ennai thodu' which was a super duper hit,the one in which Gemini's daughter GG debuted with karthik(?), the songs were superb.was the film directed by Sridar Rajan, his assistant? "tholin mele baram ille, kelvi ketka yaarum ille"...

    Idhayakovil wan another film full of superb songs but the film did not do too well.

    Kadhal oviyam was a miserable failure, but must rank as one of IR's best ever effort. Nizhalgal too was not a commercial hit but some songs were probably in his top 50 all time greatest hits!dont remember much about "Kallukkul Eeram".

    i recall 'Karpoora mullai ' featuring Amala was a top song which did ok business.have you listened to the song? did u like it?

  4. Not only directors..the entire industry - Check all Panju Arunachalam movies.
    * Akummi trivia - The film was produced by IR. I doubt that the director Balakrishnan turned as Balki in Cheeni kum, later.
    * NNithya - Directed by Sridhar himself. 3 golden songs are there. Jiji [ Dr.Jaya Sridhar got introduced ]. My first dream girl on screen.:). Vairamuthu was considered unlucky since he wrote all the songs in NNithya, Amma and Pudhukavithai. Industry isolated Vairamuthu after that.
    * K.Oviyam was BR's damage - they predicted it well before the release itself.
    * KMullai was a failure - oru song ok. Poongaviyam.

    sss.. Abbbaaa.. :)

    Why should we bother about box office, in the first place as long as we enjoy the songs ?.