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Monday, September 21, 2009

Unnaip Pol oruvan

Unnaip pol oruvan.
There are 2 possible crowds watching this movie- one which has watched the Hindi movie 'A Wednesday' and the other one have no idea about the Hindi film and watching this Tamil version.I belong to the first type. Raajkamal films has produced this kind of songless police story long back in 1987. So what's new ?

I better don't waste lines, describing about the story. I strictly don't want to compare these 2 films[ though it is apple to apple ]. Whatever it is, the screen presence of Kamal makes a greater impact than anyone else. Kamal does a justified role of his age and experience. He avoids the looks of Naseeruddin shah but not his body language. Kamal's biggest asset is his voice - his intonation is a big plus as he has a relatively small role in story like this.

I was slightly worried about Lal but Lal has done a neat portrayal of his role with his Malayalam accent - of course, they didn't try to hide it. His personality justifies the role along with his body language. The other characters are done by Ganesh Venkatram, Bharath Reddy, Lakshmi and others [ because everybody else comes as just 'others' ]. Interestingly, the Tamilnadu CM's voice is also mimed in this film. [ The trivia is TN CM stays very next to a temple near his Gopalapuram residence - interestingly it is 'Gopalaswamy' temple :) ]. The plot is slightly alien to Tamil fans [ some English dialogues too ] as the bomb blasts are not a close incident as it was to Mumbaikars.

The good thing is that they haven't used songs in this film too. Shruthi Hasan has done an average job in her area. I couldn't find a great scope for dashing BGM [ like Vettaiyadu Vellayadu ] in this film. Instead of introducing Shruthi with a music album, she has a got a film to get her debut. [ Still Nilai varumaa is a nice song ]. The red camera work is as usual an advertising gimmick to add. Those who follow journals can understand these kind of hypes or fights [ why somebody can;t file a case during the shooting itself instead of just before the release date ? ]. If you are able to keep the Hindi original aside, it's a fantastic effort [ without songs, fights, comedy track ]. Tamil version has some jumps with missing flow and gives less importance to the other characters.

Coming to the business side of the movie.. Why Kamal would want to do this film that too along with Mohan lal whereas the same could have been done with Prakasraj as the common man and Nasser as the commissioner - think about the saleability then. That's the idea.. but it's a brilliant business idea. The same reason why Manirathnam has used Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya for the story of Ambani - GURU [ international sales ! ]. The film could ve been sold well in Kerala along with Lalettan and similarly in Telugu along with Venkatesh.I am not sure about the role of the director Sakri in this lion's feast. [ Innoru Santhanabharathi ! ]. For the comparison game, I vote the Hindi version. [ couldn't resist this line ! ].

Whatever it is

- Tamil cinema definitely needs this kind of film.
- For the best and original effect, watch 'A Wednesday'. Naseer Bhai and Neeraj Pandey deserve the best accolodaes for their roles.




  1. I had seen the hindi version and there is no need for a song.
    Naseerudeen was very subtle. But nice to hear that Kamal has also played a subtle role...Usually he tends to overact...

    Anupam Kher also lends a great performance in the Hindi version. Somehow having seen the hindi version I dont get the motivation to watch this tamil version.


  2. Its danger to watch the hindi remake movie of Kamal like Nayagan, Thevar magan but not the reverse. Though it's an inferior version, still you can give a try.

  3. I have also heard about 'Wednesday'.been reading reviews/strong criticism of U.PO.O by bloggers.seems Kamal is wearing costly chappals, speaks in American english and has introduced a new character, an 'hindu' terrorist, some strong anti Narendra Modi remarks, some satire on Mu.Ka & tamilnadu officials.shud be worth watching.Naseer is kamal's favourite.so, am not surprised that Kamal re-made this movie. what surprised me was the fact that Mohan Lal seems to have been given a bigger role and allowed more scope to perform/impress!that must be new in Kamal films.

  4. Thanks Rajan. I would suggest the hindi version of this movie if you have a choice otherwise both. It's not only because of Naseer but also the script by Neeraj Pandey. Also, pls don't watch the promotions made by Kamal in TVs. They eat up more time than the movie itself. Sundaikaai kooliye podhum. :)